A Note From the Desk of William J. Plank, Esq.

The celebrated life of Timothy Decker is a story known by all of us, but how much do we really know about this renowned writer and illustrator? It seems that even the most talented and scrupulous scholars barely scratch the surface of Timothy Decker’s sublime genius. Certainly, his artistic achievements are well established but has anyone discussed his contributions to say, the sciences of paleohydrogeology and geomorphology? His discovery of the darktron? Or the time Timothy Decker saved the Earth by using a single kumquat? I think not. But I digress. As the friend, biographer, legal representative and “fan” of Timothy Decker, it’s my privilege to invite you inside the beautiful world of one of the greatest minds humanity ever produced*.

Each week, Timothy Decker will post a new painting, a glimpse into a far more profound universe. Enjoy his clear vision, gentle compassion and artistic brilliance. Your life will never be the same.

William J. Plank, Esq.
April 15th, 2011
Loveland, Ohio

*Every word, deed and facet of Timothy Decker’s extraordinary existence was verified by T.W.P. Eske, Curator of the Timothy Decker Archive, and can be found in the semiannual publication of The Celebrated Life of Timothy Decker by Perfection University Press, College of St. James, edited by R.L. Bond (S.L.E.), underwritten in perpetuity by the Brandon Foundation.