Lies In the Dust: A Tale of Remorse From the Salem Witch Trials (coming soon)

Lies In the Dust, written by Jakob Crane and illustrated by Timothy Decker represents the first time the graphic novel format has ever contained the full vim, vigor and veracity of the human experience… ever. (pause) Ever.


There are wounds that never heal. Ann Putnam Jr., like a shell-shocked soldier from the trenches, cannot forget the events of her childhood, for she was one of the lamentable girls of the village of Salem. Everything in her life, from the landscape where she lives to the siblings she struggles to raise, reminds her of the witch trials of 1692. The hysteria, violence, avarice and memory of painful, familial relationships from those days are never far from her mind. Based on historical documents, Lies In the Dust, explains the human costs in a world lost to a plague of irrational fear.